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At Pony Poo we believe little things can make a big difference

That's why we are doing our bit for our planet by using recyclable or biodegradable packaging

Pony Poo Pot
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Biodegradable bag
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Padded envelope
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Pre paid envelope
Eco Flyers
Biodegradable glove
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Pony Poo Pot - Our Poo pots are manufactured from Polystyrene which is widely recycled.

We either autoclave and reuse the pots or recycle them on return. 

See what the manufacturer has to say;

"Here at Measom Freer, we understand how important it is to do our bit for the environment, which is why our plastic containers, along with all of our other reusable plastic storage solutions, are responsibly sourced and can be readily recycled to have minimum negative impact on the environment.

Moving forwards, we are also looking to use other sustainably sourced plastics including High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and even plant-based plastics. We are dedicated to continuously evolving our approach to be as sustainable as possible." https://www.measomfreer.co.uk/plastic-containers/boxes

Biodegradable Bag -  "These bags are oxo-degradable, which means they break down in landfill into cardon dioxide, water, biomass and minerals in a matter of months rather than decades or centuries. 

  • There are two parts to the biodegradation process. Oxo-biodegradable polythene first starts to break down when exposed to sunlight, heat or mechanical stress. The polythene will break down into small fragments and then the second stage begins - the small fragments biodegrade into cardon dioxide, water, biomass and minerals.

  • Standard polythene without the additive will do this too but will take decades or centuries to get to the same stage. The additive in our biodegradable gripseal bags means that the process is acelerated by a factor of hundreds or even thousands.

  • The timeline for full biodegradation will depend on lots of factors (oxygen, moisture, heat, mechanical stress and the presence of microbes) but could be anything from a few weeks to 24 months.

  • Technically these bags could be placed in a composter, however the bags would not decompose quickly enough to meet the standard of EN13432 (the European compostable packaging standard) and so cannot be advertised as compostable." https://www.transpack.co.uk/bags/polythene/biodegradable-gripseal-bags

Padded Envelope - "Priory Elements Ecolopes™ are the perfect plastic-free alternative to traditional plastic-lined mailing envelopes. Made entirely of paper and glue, these eco-friendly envelopes are plastic-free, 100% recyclable and biodegradable, making them the ultimate environmentally friendly postal solution. The corrugated inner ensures just the right amount of protection for your non-delicate goods and the lightweight, uncoated paper outer keeps postal costs to a minimum whilst also saving around 30% on warehouse space compared to traditional plastic lined padded bags. Featuring a plastic-free peel and seal adhesive strip, our Ecolopes are quick to pack and easy to seal with a tamper-evident closure, ensuring a secure, eco-friendly postal solution for your goods." https://www.priorydirect.co.uk/search/go?w=Priory%20Elements%20Ecolopes

Pre Paid Envelope - Our paper envelopes are widely recycled. We will ensure all envelopes are recycled on return. 

Eco Flyers -  Not only are they made from 100 % recycled paper, they are also biodegradable. 


Labels - "Customers of Zolemba have not only been saving in big costs but simultaneously are also being eco-friendly while doing so! In comparison to the original branded labels out there, this fact is of significant influence.

Zolemba proudly supports the FSC quality mark on their products, unlike the original Dymo label alternative. Zolemba, along with its customers, contributes to a better environment by choosing FSC paper materials. By supporting sustainable forestry, deforestation and over-cropping are prevented. All departments work closely together to improve environmentally friendly outcomes. In addition to the choice of FSC paper, paperless efforts are made daily in the offices and shipments are efficiently packed by their innovative packing machine. With this machine, cardboard use is minimized by accurate packaging technology to ensure the conservation of paper and equally improving a more secure, efficient transport.

Environmentally Friendly FSC Labels from Zolemba

Sustainable production is of paramount importance at Zolemba. Paper is the most important raw material used in the production of labels. Zolemba works with FSC-certified suppliers and as a result, the paper that is used will always be of FSC certification.

 By using FSC quality paper, Zolemba reduces the impact that production and processing create on the environment. The FSC quality mark indicates that the paper is sourced and made from wood that comes from responsible well-managed forests. In terms of Forest Stewardship Council certification, forests, natural resources, social aspects and economic interests are balanced. Zolemba proudly welcomes this step towards an environmentally friendly organisation." https://www.zolemba.co.uk/en/blog/compatible-dymo-labels-cheaper-and-environmentally-friendly

Optional Biodegradable Glove - 

"100% biodegradable disposable gloves that provide high levels of dexterity, protection and comfort