What do my results mean?

Worm egg counts are counted in 'Eggs per gram' this means how many eggs we have seen under the microscope per gram. Depending on how many eggs are seen will determine if you need to worm your horse.

You will be sent a tailored management plan which will take into account your horse's status, environment and management but the eggs per gram are a rough idea of when we would advise worming. 

0<200 epg = Low worm egg count

This is a low worm egg count and there is usually no need to worm at this time.

>200 epg to 1200 epg = Medium worm egg count

This is a medium worm egg count and we would usually advise worming most counts above 200epg, however tailored advice to you and your horses situation will be given.

>1200 epg = High worm egg count

This is a high worm egg count, your horse will require worming. You will be advised as to which product will be best and to do another worm egg count 2 weeks after treatment to check that the treatment has worked. This is important to check for resistance.