Please note orders with a quantity of less than 10 will not be prosessed, this price is for 1 worm egg count for orders with 10 or more horses. Please ensure quantity is at least 10. 


This pack contains one worm egg count test per horse for orders with 10 or more horses.




Each of our faecal worm egg count kits will allow us to tell you the infection level of egg laying redworm and roundworm in your equidae's. Depending on the infection level we will be able to determine if your animal will require a wormer. We recommend you do a worm egg count 5 times a year from spring to late autumn/ early winter during the grazing season.


Our 10 + Worm egg count kits will allow you to worm count 10 or more horses once during the spring to early winter. When selecting amount of horse's, quantity should be at least 10. 


Our Poo Packs contain everything you need for an individual worm egg count for 10 or more horses in one order:

  • 1x Poo Pot per horse (to collect the sample )
  • 1x  optional biodegradable nitrile gloves per horse (to pick the poo ) 
  • 1 x Pre paid postage package (to post the poo ) 
  • Information pack (this includes instructions and worming information ) 

Individual Worm Egg Count Pack for 10+ horses