Frequently asked questions

How long will my results take to come back?

We aim to sample your Pony Poo the same day we recieve it through the post, so you should get results within a day of it arriving to us.

Is the return postage sample included in the price?

Yes, all our Poo Packs come with Prepaid postage making it quick and simple for you to return your Poo samples to us.

I forgot to fill in the Form before sending the sample, what do I do?

Unfortunetely, if you have just sent us a bag of Poo and we don't know who's it is we won't be able to tell you the results. If you have popped your name on it somewhere then we may be able to send you a form via email for you to send back but this depends if we can 100% confirm the sample is yours. Please get in touch as soon as possible if you think you may have done this.

I think my Poo sample may be lost in the post?

Our pre paid postage does not offer tracking as they fit easily in post boxes. If you are worried about your sample getting lost then please go into the post office and choose a tracking service rather than popping it in a post box. Please be aware this could cost you extra. If it's been over 10 days and we have still not recieved your sample then unfortuntely it's likely lost in the post. By this time the sample will no longer be fresh and we would need to take a new sample anyway. We take no responsilbilty for lost packages. Please contact us as soon as possible if you suspect yours is lost.